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"We pride ourselves in guiding our clients and their loved ones through some of the most difficult situations in their life."
~ Miller Law Associates
A Former Prosecutor,
    Now Protecting You."

Lancaster, PA Criminal Defense Law Firm
Being charged with any serious offense is a frightening and lifechanging experience that requires a criminal defense attorney who knows the law. It is imperative that if accused, you know your rights under the law and do everything necessary to protect those rights immediately - before memories fade, evidence is lost, or witnesses disappear. Getting help quickly and having a capable criminal defense attorney on your side helps to ensure you get the absolute best defense possible.

Criminal cases, perhaps more so then many other areas of law, require a specialized, highly experienced team of criminal defense attorneys. Since important decisions must be made throughout the criminal court process, it is important to seek proper legal assistance early on.

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Our firm is a highly skilled and experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense team that specializes in:
Our Clients Say
"I usually find lawyers to be intimidating. However, when my husband was incarcerated and I had only a few short days to find an Attorney to represent him in court, I found Cory Miller the last second. Not only did he meet me during his own family time on a weekend, give me his cell phone number to be able to reach him at any time, he gave me the truth of what could happen, all the ways the hearing could possibly go, and he did it in a sympathetic way that the majority of lawyers that I have run into do not. Cory was able to have all charges dropped, and my husband was released that very day. I urge anyone to use him to represent them. He is prompt, courteous, sympathetic and honest."

Heida Shultz 'Marietta, PA

Understanding the Six Steps of the Criminal Case Process

Stage 1 - Charges Filed

1. Arrest
a. You or someone you love has been arrested and is being charged with a crime. This can be a difficult and scary time for any individual as they may not know what to do next. The most important thing to know and understand at this point in time is your 5th Amendment right to REMAIN SILENT. At this level no one is your friend other than the Defense Attorney so DO NOT SPEAK. You must remain respectful when speaking to the officers or other law enforcement, but be respectful in your declining to speak without an attorney present.


Stage 2 - District Court

1. Preliminary Arraignment

a. At the arraignment the Defendant will be read specific charges that have been filed against him or her. The arraignment hearing is brief and quick.

b. The Magisterial District Judge will request personal information as to address, phone number, employment, and prior charges. This will be used in determining bail.

c. At the arraignment the Defendant will have bail set and may make a request for bail reduction based upon the circumstances.

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Disclaimer: The material on this website is for informational purposes only. Miller Law Associates, Criminal Defense Attorney practices law exclusively in the State of Pennsylvania. Written materials should not be sent to the law offices of Miller Law Associates, Criminal Defense Attorney until you have spoken to, or otherwise communicated with our firm. Miller Law Associates, Criminal Defense Attorney cannot consider you a client until we have consulted and met with you personally, and an agreement toward representation is reached by both parties. Please keep in mind, that there are many different types of cases, all cases are unique and legal authority pertaining to every case can and does change. It is also important to remember that prior results, success or otherwise, cannot and does not guarantee similar outcomes with respect to any future matter in which any lawyer or law firm may be retained. To the extent that this website discusses past cases our firm has handled, or in any way mentions the firm or its services, Pennsylvania courts may deem this to be attorney advertising.

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