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Charges Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing - Commonwealth v I.M.
I.M. was charged with assaulting another person at a local nightclub. I.M. explained to Attorney Miller that she was at the nightclub but did not get involved in a large fight which had broken out. Attorney Miller obtained witnesses to the altercation who stated that I.M. was not involve. The charges against I.M. were dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing on April 4, 2013 when the victim failed to show for court and a Commonwealth witness refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Charges Reduced, Defendant Pleas to Summary Charge at District Court and Goes Home – Commonwealth v. A.F.
A.F. was charged with Defiant Trespass, Loitering & Prowling and Public Drunk after he was caught sneaking around his ex-girlfriends house in Berks County, PA. Due to pending charges in Lancaster County it was important to take care of these trespass charges quickly. After negotiations between both Attorney Miller, the Officer and Assistant District Attorney, an agreement to reduce the charges was made. On March 26, 2013, A.F. pled to one count of Defiant Trespass (Summary) and one count Public Drunk (Summary) and was released from prison that day with only a fine.

Theft Charges Against Client Dismissed by District Judge – Commonwealth v S.M.
S.M. was charged with theft of a jacket she had thought was abandoned on a public coat rack in a building where she worked. Attorney Miller was able to confirm that others had seen the jacket unattended for a period of time, that S.M. had commented about returning the jacket to anyone who claimed it, and that the jacket was returned to the police when she was initially questioned. Maintaining her innocence, S.M. took a Preliminary Hearing in the matter before the Magisterial District Judge B. Denise Cummins on January 15, 2013. Following testimony of the alleged Victim, an eyewitness and S.M. the charges were dismissed due to a lack of prima facie evidence of a crime.

Drug Charges Nolle Prosequi (Dismissed) by Prosecutor - Commonwealth vs R.R.
Following a Drug Task Force raid on the residence of R.R. and his roommate, the pair were charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver cocaine. R.R. maintained that he was never involved with the drugs and simply rented a room to his co-defendant. Cory Miller represented his client from the Preliminary Hearing stage all the way up to the day of Jury Trial. At the ‘eleventh hour’ before trial an agreement was reached between all parties. The Co-Defendant pled guilty to all charges and on September 10, 2012 the charges were dismissed, Nolle Prosequi, against R.R.

Commonwealth Withdraws Drug Charges Against Client - Commonwealth vs M.R.
M.R. was charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver a very large portion of Cocaine and Heroin. If convicted M.R. would be facing drugs mandatories of 3 years on each charge. Moments prior to the Preliminary Hearing on September 7, 2012, Cory Miller argued to the Prosecutor that the Commonwealth could not prove the offenses against his client. The Prosecutor agreed and withdrew all charges against M.R. who was released from Prison that day.

Jury Acquits Client of Felony Theft Charges - Commonwealth vs T.H.
T.H., a citizen from Liberia, Africa was charged Criminal Attempt at Theft, a felony offense for trying to steal a car from a auto dealer in a counterfeit money scheme. If convicted T.H. would be facing certain deportation as well as imprisonment. Maintaining his innocence, T.H. demanded a Jury Trial which was held on January 3, 2012. Pressing the alleged victim on the witness stand, Cory Miller was able to get the witness to change his story in front of the Jury. The Jury acquitted M.H. of all wrong doing and the Judge declared M.H. a free man.

Judge finds Client Not Guilty at Summary Appeal Hearing - Commonwealth vs L.K.
After unsuccessfully arguing her case before a Magisterial District Judge without an attorney, L.K. retained Cory Miller to represent her on a Careless Driving traffic citation at a Summary Appeal Hearing in Common Pleas Court. Arguing before a Common Pleas Judge, Cory utilized photographs from the scene as well as case law during the bench trial on October 19, 2011. After hearing all the evidence, the Judge accepted Cory's argument that his client was not carelessly driving on the day in question and found L.K. not guilty.

College Student Fights For Innocence and Keeps Scholarship Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. C. M.-K. Receiving Stolen Property
Charged with Receiving Stolen Property for his possession of a Parking Pass belonging to another student, C. M.-K. a scholarship student at Millersville University, maintained his innocence to the charge. His statement to police stated that he was unaware of the stolen nature of the pass when he acquired it. Refusing to agree to a reduced charge, C. M.-K. hired Cory Miller to fight for dismissal of the case. Following a Preliminary Hearing before the Magisterial District Court on November 21, 2008, the Judge agreed with Cory Miller’s argument and dismissed the case outright. C. M.-K. kept his innocence and his scholarship and remains a Millersville University student.

Last Minute Plea Agreement Keeps Client in United States Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. A.Y. Impersonating a Public Servant
Charged of Impersonating a Public Servant during a DUI stop, A.Y. a resident alien of the United States was at risk of being deported back to Somalia as a result of his comments to an officer during a DUI arrest. Confident in his case, the Assistant District Attorney was unwilling to negotiate the charge away, forcing a trial. Retained just before trial, Cory Miller had the task of preserving A.Y.’s immigration status. Finding a technicality in the law, Cory Miller prepared a defense aimed at dismissing the Impersonating charge at trial. Realizing this new weakness in his case, the prosecutor agreed to withdraw the Impersonating a Public Servant charge on November 6, 2008, just minutes before the start of a Jury trial. A.Y. got his desired result without the need of a trial and remains a United States citizen as a result of this outcome.

Representing Himself, Defendant is found Not Guilty at Trial Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. F.J. Assault by Threatening Menace
F.J. was charged with Simple Assault–Threatening Menace. F.J was accused of pointing a 4' samurai sword at his former girlfriend and threatening to kill her. Although F.J. represented himself, he asked Cory Miller to represent him as Standby Counsel. With Cory’s guidance, F.J. argued that the Commonwealth was missing critical elements in their case. On September 11, 2008 the Jury agreed with this argument and found F.J. Not Guilty of the offenses charged.

Jury Acquits Father on Rape Charges Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. J.O. Felony Rape of a Child
J.O. was charged with Rape of a Child, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Statutory Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Corruption of a Minor and Indecent Assault. J.O.’s daughter was the alleged victim in the case. During a lengthy trial before the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Cory Miller challenged the victim’s credibility due to many inconsistencies in her story. On July 10, 2008, the Jury agreed with Cory Miller and found J.O. Not Guilty on all charges. J.O. was released to the street rather than spending 20 years in prison.

Judge finds Client Not Guilty but Convicts Accuser Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. A.G.
A.G. and was charged with committing Criminal Harassment at her place of employment. The Accuser, who was also charged in the matter, had a disagreement, which resulted in a pushing and punching match between the parties. During a hearing on June 25, 2008 at Magisterial District Court, Cory Miller maintained that A.G. did not provoke the behavior of the accuser and therefore the Commonwealth did not meet the elements of the charged offense. The Judge agreed with Cory Miller and found A.G. Not Guilty of the charges. The Accuser was found guilty of all counts much to the relief of A.G.

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